Another mommy blog??

5 Jun

I’ve caught the blogging bug.  I have read others’ blogs for years.  It is finally time for me to start one of my own.  There are so many little thoughts and things that I would love to share with my friends and family {sometimes even the public} but somehow time constraints and distance seem to get in the way…and then they are never said.  So,  here is my chance.

I thought I would write a blog about me…my recipes, my recommendations, my favorite things, etc.  But, being a mom consumes every aspect of my life…my every thought revolves around the safety and happiness of my children.  What is best for them?  Not what is best for me!

So, here I go…embarking on a mommy blog because that IS me.  Expect a pinch of granola and a sip of bittersweet.  If you hang around you’ll see what I mean!


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