He’s on the move…

28 Jun

Another milestone accomplished!!  Our little boy is crawling…officially crawling!!  No more rolling across the floor, no more squirming to inch along, no more army crawl.  Where did the time go??  I can’t believe he is already 7 months old.  Does time always fly by this much faster with baby #2?  I thought baby #1 was fast enough!

Going for the remote...his AND daddy's favorite!

So, now it is time for mommy to start crawling too…crawling along the floor to find all those tiny crumbs and Barbie shoes that I know my little AJ just can’t wait to grab with his chubby little hand and put in his mouth. Time to install the baby gates at the top AND bottom of the stairs in our home.   Our outlets are already covered, our cabinets and drawers are already locked.  Now, if only I could find an infant helmet/headgear….we have A LOT of tile in this house.  I’m worried about another head injury!


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