I’ll take two.

30 Jun

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the use of cool-mist humidifiers {This one is a favorite at my house}

I knew that when I had two little ones that I was going to have two of a lot of things.  Car seats.   Sippy cups.  The dreaded double stroller {actually, just one of those…two seats though.}  Somehow, it NEVER crossed my mind that I would need two humidifiers.  Why two?  Because every time one of my little monkeys gets sick, so does the other…EVERY TIME.  No matter how hard I try to keep them separate and diligently wash their little hands, they both end up sick.  And, when you have two sick kids in separate rooms…you end up needing two humidifiers.  So, consider yourself warned.  Be prepared… or you may just find yourself sending someone out on a late night humidifier run {thanks, Mom!}.

This may seem like a topic more suited for cold/flu season, but lucky us…my little ones are both getting over a summer cold.  No fun!


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