Boys will be boys??

11 Jul

Last summer my motherly intuition was confirmed…I found out that I was expecting a boy.  I was thrilled…but, I’m a girly girl with a little girl… and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with a little boy.  In my mind, all  little boys  were wild, dirty, and dangerous.  Basically, nothing like me or my{precious} little girl.


One hot summer day I took a short walk to the community mailbox on our street.  I was expecting  AJ and was trying to wrap my head around having a little boy of my own.  A new family had just moved in a few houses up the street from us.  Their two little boys {maybe between 8 to 11 years-old} were playing in the front yard.  They were riding their scooters, playing, and  talking so cutely.  They had darling haircuts and perfect clothes.   They melted my heart!

I turned to unlock our mailbox as I started to daydream about maybe having two boys someday…brothers…just like those two precious little boys.  Then I heard the following… “SHUT UP, M—ER F—ER!!!” {you can fill in the blanks}.  No, there wasn’t a construction site nearby or a domestic dispute taking place on our street…it came from the mouth of one of those {previously precious} little boys.  I was mortified {and not because I have virgin ears or because I have never cursed before}.  I fought back tears as I hurried back to our house.  My husband knew something had happened just by the look on my face when I walked through the door.  His response??  “That’s what boys do when their parents aren’t around.”


I told this horror story many times through the remainder of my pregnancy.  I thought about it on a daily basis.  Those boys terrified me.

A few months later something magical happened; I held my baby boy in my arms for the first time.  He was precious in every way and he still is.  He has forever changed the way I feel about little boys.  When I share my “neighborhood boys” story these days it brings a smile to my face…I can even laugh about it.

I have high expectations for my little guy {and little girl, too}.  I don’t want to find myself developing a double-standard or writing off poor behavior as “boys will be boys.” I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know one thing remains constant… whatever happens, I love my little boy unconditionally and with all my heart {♥}.


One Response to “Boys will be boys??”

  1. katk July 12, 2010 at 1:11 pm #

    thought provoking…

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