My Mama Anniversary…

18 Jul

“Life with children: The days are long, but the years are short.”

This week I celebrated my third anniversary… the anniversary of the first time I held my child in my arms, the first time I ever experienced love at first sight, the first time I ever experienced such an intense love {don’t worry, my hubby knows and he agrees}.  Nothing compares to the love you have for your children…NOTHING.

A wave of sad emotions swept over me when I tucked my 2 year-old into bed for the last time…but I felt blessed to wake to a beautiful, happy, and healthy 3 year-old the next morning.  Prior to having my own children, I never understood why parents {my mom, especially} were so nostalgic about their children’s birthdays.  I always thought of my birthday as just that…my birthday.  I never realized what an enormously memorable and life-changing event that a child’s birth was in the life of their parents.  A child’s birthday really is a family event that demands celebration…another year spent together and many, many special memories made.

So, Happy Birthday to my firstborn…my “Olive.”  And, happy anniversary to me.  Every day is such an incredible blessing!


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