Yum Yum…Mum Mum!

28 Jul

A few weeks ago I bragged about my baby boy’s first word.  Now I’m asking myself…was that Mama or Mum Mum?!?!

My little guy absolutely loves Baby Mum-Mums!  We started these rice rusks not long after we introduced AJ to his first solid food {plain rice cereal, of course}.  Since vegetables are now a regular part of AJ’s daily diet, we have moved to the vegetable Baby Mum-Mums and AJ can’t get enough of them!  He usually downs an entire package before I can even get his real meal prepared.

The best thing about these Mum-Mums is they don’t make a huge mess {and nutritionally, they appear to be very healthy}.  When I was experimenting with solid foods with my firstborn, I made the mistake of purchasing “teething biscuits.”  Babies + food = messy, but those teething biscuits were the absolute worst…it seriously looked like my daughter was chewing on a poop…a poop that had smeared all over her face, hands, arms, and high chair.  They were disgusting and I never bought them again.

Lucky for me, Mum-Mums don’t require a trip to a specialty store {with two kids in tow, I’m a one-stop shopper}, they can conveniently be purchased at both very well-know grocery stores near my home and many other places {even online!}.

My little guy really is still saying mama {at least, I think so}, but he may have also added a new word to his vocabulary…another word that means food.  You think my little guy likes to eat?!?!


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