9 Aug

Enter "breastfeeding" in limited time promo code space. Discount even applies to back-ordered items!

Retaining some element of privacy is important to me.  Having a baby tends to strip a girl of that from the moment of that first prenatal appointment all the way to discharge from the hospital post-delivery.  It is a long 9 (let’s be honest…it’s more like 10) months of poking, prodding, and peeing in cups.

Then it’s on to breastfeeding.  And that is a long year of feeding, pumping, and mastering the art of discreet nursing.

At home, nursing tank-tops are awesome.  Mine have a little spandex in them, so they gently squished in some of that post-partum belly {it’s not always the boobs that you want to hide} and kept it concealed while I nursed.  Since my last baby was a winter-baby, I usually had a shirt {ahem, pajama top} over my nursing tank.  Not a single thing can be seen with that combination…it is probably public-nursing safe if you are comfortable with that sort of thing {like I’ve said, I’m modest…very}.

Newborns eat ALL THE TIME, so it can be difficult to plan an outing that doesn’t involve a nursing break.  I find myself frequently nursing in the car, a time or two in a public bathroom {yuck!}, and often in department store dressing rooms{♥!♥!♥}.  Dressing rooms are perfect…privacy, a place to sit, and a mirror for my daughter to entertain herself {bliss!}.

I mentioned last week that August is breastfeeding awareness month.  In honor of this special month, Udder Covers is giving away nursing covers {cost of shipping only}!!  I always admire nursing covers when other moms use them…they appear user-friendly and I love some of the fabrics and patterns I have seen.  I resisted buying one for myself because I didn’t want ANY MORE baby gear, so I just opted for the old-fashioned blanket-cover when necessary.  I ordered my FREE one today though and am looking forward to trying it out OR gifting it to an expectant mama {even better}.

I hope you’ll get one too!


2 Responses to “Free!!!”

  1. Mandi August 26, 2010 at 10:03 am #

    I got one of these with the same shipping-only deal. I would have been disappointed if I had paid full price because it’s really simple and not a boutique-quality item, but it sure serves its purpose well! With two older kids who need to be out and about, I certainly needed a secure way to nurse in public.

    • rn2mommy August 26, 2010 at 10:40 am #

      My free one hasn’t come in yet since it was on backorder. Thanks for the update on the quality. Hopefully it will at least be worth the shipping and the time that I didn’t have to spend sewing one!

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