Faceless photos

11 Aug

I am a mamarazzi.  I love taking pictures of my children…lots and lots of pictures.  From pictures of them doing the most simple {probably boring} things to pictures of them accomplishing their “firsts“…I have them all and I love them all.  And when I become overwhelmed by how many pictures of them I have, I look back and realize how quickly they have grown and am thankful that I captured those precious moments before they escaped.

So, where are all of these pictures {they are certainly not on this blog}?

WordPress provides me with tidbits of information about my blog…how many views per day, from what resources/referrals, and terms used in search engines that led to a person viewing my blog {this category is usually empty}.  But one day a search engine brought a reader to this post when they were searching for “Naked Mom Big Boom.”  I fear “boom” may have been a typo for “boob.”  Anyway, I don’t think any of my friends/family were searching for my blog using those words.  The ONLY word in that series that even remotely describes me is “Mom.”

Had I known anything about blogging when I started writing, I may have tried to avoid using words that may draw the wrong kind of attention to my blog…  words like “boob” {although, the only reason I use that word is because I find it totally funny and it feels and sounds so much more carefree than “breast”}. But, it is also hard for me to talk about the things that I enjoy talking about without using certain target words.

So, that little scenario sealed the deal…no pictures of my perfect little chubby-cheeked babies’ faces on the world wide web.  I have plenty of pictures on my favorite social-networking site and I believe those are protected through the privacy settings I have in place {hopefully that is not just a facade}.

As for my furry friends {as seen above}??  I’ll introduce them soon enough.  I have a chihuahua that I have been told “has a face only a mother could love.”  I might have to put that comment to the test!


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