Future plumber??

1 Sep

I’m don’t enjoy an emotional roller-coaster.  I’m romantic-comedy girl all the way.  I know that life is full of good and bad, happy and sad…I choose to focus on the good times.  But, I’m all about prevention, so sometimes talking about the dark side equals fewer sad times.

I spent a short semester in nursing school on the infant unit at a children’s hospital.  I declined every opportunity to go to the cancer floor because I didn’t think I could handle the emotions of it all…I didn’t even want to try.  I thought I was safe with the babies, but in reality, I hadn’t dodged any bullets.  The infant floor was not just infants, there were toddlers and young children as well.  There were acute and chronic diseases, cases of abuse and neglect, and there were accidents… a precious two-year old girl who had fallen head-first into a cooler and drowned while her grandparents were babysitting her.  Because babies and toddlers are top-heavy {because their heads are large in comparison to their bodies} and they lack great strength and coordination it is easy for them to fall head-first into many things, making an accident like this one, not so uncommon.  It wasn’t always a cooler with a few inches of melted ice…sometimes it was a mop bucket, sometimes a bathtub…whatever the case, they were all horrible and preventable accidents.

My little guy is becoming more mobile and capable every day.  I’ve talked about his passion for the dog-water bowl {I now remove it from ground-level every morning when AJ gets up} and now I must too confess that he is obsessed with toilets.  Yes, TOILETS!!

Last week while my husband was at work, I was in my daughter’s room combing her hair when I heard the toilet flush in the nearby bathroom.  AJ had climbed on his sister’s bench and flushed the toilet on his own…I was impressed and snapped a picture for proof, but it scared me…and that was only the beginning.

My husband embarrassingly reported to me when I got home from work last weekend that AJ had grabbed a wad of used toilet paper from the toilet as my daughter got off the potty and……he WAS going to put it in his mouth!

It may sound a little funny {because this little boy makes my husband and I look like parenting amateurs}, but not only is playing in the toilet disgusting, it is also very dangerous.  Toilets can be just as threatening for a baby as any other {even small} pool of water.  For now, we are diligently closing all the toilet lids and reminding our 3 year-old to do the same {and flush immediately!}.  I see toilet locks in our future!  BOYS!!!


4 Responses to “Future plumber??”

  1. Jann September 1, 2010 at 8:16 am #

    It’s good you got a gentle warning before anything bad happened. Toilet locks are a pain, but well worth it! On a similar note, at age 3, I believe, Oliver and a friend threw a roll of tpaper into the friend’s toilet and flushed and flushed and flushed. It plugged the potty, of course, and all that water overflowed, flooded the bathroom floor and proceeded to flow down the walls to the living room below. Although the boys had a great time, Jim found himself paying for repairs to the sheetrock for that disaster. Not fun, either 🙂

    • rn2mommy September 1, 2010 at 8:39 am #

      I am always so thankful for close-calls…I always learn from them. I hope a stern “no” will keep our toilet’s lock-free, but so far the N-word only seems to be effective when we are watching…is does not apply when mom and dad have their head’s turned.

      I love the Oliver stories…I have heard he can be quite a hand-full! Maybe like his daddy??

  2. Wyn-Erin September 1, 2010 at 8:36 am #

    This is the toilet lock we used when J was at that age/stage.


    It worked really well. So well in fact that every time another adult came over (grandparents included), we had to give them a lesson on how to use it. It’s not difficult, just not as intuitive as I would have thought. However, I’m not sure how to have a potty lock when you have one child that can and should be going on her own while trying to keep another out of the toilet completely. Are there toilet locks that 3yo’s can work?

    And for the record, I did not laugh at the grabbing of the used TP from the toilet. I believed I gasped! Funny how one kid won’t touch dirty stuff and another insists on touching everything that’s dirty!

    Also for the record, you guys are awesome parents!!

    • rn2mommy September 1, 2010 at 9:18 pm #

      Thanks for the potty-lock review. I really, really hope we don’t have to go there, but I imagine this potty interest may only get worse. Surprisingly, Olive can open the child gates on the stairs when she wants to. I wonder if that would translate to unlocking potties as well??

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