Ballerina Girl

23 Sep

In early June I discussed my little girl’s first ballet class…her first any-class without mommy or daddy by her side.  There were tears and a little separation anxiety, but that was then and this is now…

Sometimes Olive is so excited to go “dance with Miss P” that she runs off without even looking back to say bye to mom, much less even give me a hug!  That’s okay…I get a few squishy-nosed smiles through the viewing window, so I’m reassured that she is having fun and hasn’t forgotten about me!

I couldn’t be any more pleased with my daughter’s ballet experience.  It is SO much more than just standing at the barre doing countless pliés and passés.  I thought ballet would be great way for Olive to have fun and burn some energy while secretly working on her gross motor skills, coordination, balance, and rhythm development.  It didn’t even cross my mind that it would be all that AND more!  Her little class does songs and activities that exercise her memory, reinforce taking turns and following  instructions,  increase flexibility, enhance core strength and most importantly…build CONFIDENCE…all while having fun, moving to music, and making friends!

By no means do I hope that my Olive becomes a professional ballerina, but I do hope that she carries some of her ballerina grace with her throughout life.  A girl’s life can be hard enough without adding clumsy to the list!




2 Responses to “Ballerina Girl”

  1. Bethany September 24, 2010 at 1:06 pm #

    You probably get tired of me constantly leaving comments! haha But I was the most impressed when my daughter came home learning how to count in French. They teach such wonderful values, and the traditions of ballet should continue to be passed down, though I feel that most dance studios have forgotten the importance of teaching the refinement, the elegance, etc., that defines ballerina. Addison just started in toe shoes this year and is loving it! She’s been in ballet since she was 5 (which is the earliest they could start). She has benefited so much from dance! I am so grateful she’s had the opportunity since I didn’t. I know you feel so grateful that you and your daughter both have this opportunity!

    • rn2mommy September 24, 2010 at 5:43 pm #

      I never get tired of “talking” with you Bethany! I’m happy you visit!

      I can’t believe your little girl is already on pointe! I don’t think I was allowed to start until I was 12 or 14?? I wanted that so badly and ended up moving on to cheerleading shortly after.

      And, Bethany…I probably wouldn’t even know if my daughter came home counting in French. Sadly, I would probably try to correct her in English or Spanish!

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