My girl & My boy

4 Oct

When my son was a newborn I was always asked if it was different having a little boy since my firstborn was a little girl.  I really didn’t notice much of a difference between my two during the newborn period, so I always joked about the one thing that was obviously different with a boy…the dangerous diaper changes {you know, surprise showers?}  Otherwise, my newborn babies were pretty similar.  But, things have changed…

There is a very distinguishable difference between my two little ones these days.  Olive defines girly girl…she adores the color pink, requests princess hair and to wear dresses, loves to dance and twirl, plays mommy to her babies, and dives into her dress-up box almost daily to don her tutu and crown.

AJ is ALL BOY!  He likes balls and toys with wheels.  He is rough, loud, and always into something.  He pushes the safely limits every chance he gets.  He eats more food than seems physically possible.  And the best part…he may just be a Mama’s boy!

I couldn’t be more blessed with these two little children.  There is no one in the world I love to hug more than my daughter…she squeezes me so tight and sincerely.  And my son…he is the best snuggler {when he’s not busy exploring, of course}.  I eat up every minute we spend together cuddling in the rocking chair…even if it is before the sun rises.


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