boobs {for a good cause}

6 Oct

Almost everyone knows that October is breast cancer awareness month.  There are events like, Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure and even opportunities to help raise money to find a cure through Yoplait’s Save Lids to Save Lives.  I’m sure there are many other wonderful and meaningful fundraising opportunities, those are just the first two to come to mind.

I am very fortunate to be able to say that there are no women {or men…yep, they can get it too} in my family that have been diagnosed with breast cancer {other cancers…we are not always as lucky}.  That is really amazing and truly a blessing considering the Susan G. Komen website notes that every 69 seconds a woman loses her life to breast cancer.  It only takes the diagnosis of one person for an unaffected family to be considered one with a “family history” then requiring more meticulous and earlier screenings to hopefully prevent the onset or spread of cancer.

I believe in almost all things prevention oriented.  I love that simple lifestyle practices like eating healthy, exercising, being a non-smoker, limiting alcohol consumption and getting some vitamin D {I♥sun} may decrease my chances of developing certain cancers.  And, breastfeeding  may decrease my risk of developing breast cancer…one more bonus of breastfeeding!  You can read more seriously fun facts about pregnancy and breast cancer here {I was pumped about my decreased risks until I got to “you may have an increased risk if you delivered a high birth-weight baby.”  Ummm….x2 for me…boo!}.

Breast self-exams are not a big push these days, but being familiar with your breasts and the underlying {sometimes normally lumpy} tissue is still of great importance.  Probably the easiest way to stay in the know is to pay attention while you are bathing…take a moment for a quick self-assessment while you shower!  Routine mammograms usually starting at the age of 40 or 50 depending on your personal and family history are still in favor as well. Genetic testing for breast cancer genes are also available and have started a wave of women seeking preventive surgery.

Last week I couldn’t wait to welcome October and the color orange, but October is obviously all about the pink!  There won’t be any problem finding color-appropriate clothing to show our support in this home {my lil’ girl may have her mama’s love for all things pink}!


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