A Blessing and a Curse…

13 Oct

We are sick AGAIN.  We had a three-day hiatus from misery, but a new and more serious version has invaded…this time just me and the baby boy.

There are only a few things worse than having sick children.  One of the few other unfavorable scenarios is being the sick mom with a sick child or children.  The mothering workload is at an all-time high and yet, you feel your absolute worst.  It would be so nice to have the luxury of calling in sick for the day.  I occasionally used a sick day at work prior to staying home with  my children.  I would spend the entire day laying in bed with daytime tv shows like, The View, as my white noise while I dozed in and out.  There is nothing white about the noise in my home today or any day… and there is nothing relaxing about trying to sneak a nap as my three-year old bounces all over me {obviously the tummy bug hasn’t caught her…yet}.

Through all the misery there is something I am thankful for.  I’m happy to share the illness.  I’m happy to know what my little guy is going through.  I’m happy that I can better understand just how he feels.  I’m happy that I got to watch him devour his first popsicle {way ahead of schedule}…after I was revived by one popsicle {okay, maybe three}, I knew it was just the thing he needed to feel just a little bit better.  Had I planned ahead, I may have had some pedialyte pops on hand or even thrown together some home-poured apple juice pops for my sweetie.

So, today I’ll say I’m blessed with illness.  I just hope I won’t be so blessed with this bug by tomorrow.  I’m not just two weeks behind on some of my household duties, but now almost two weeks behind on my kiddos’ extracurricular activities.  I’m a little stressed about the number of dance classes, soccer practices and gymboree classes we will have to attempt to make-up next week…hopefully next week!!


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