The No-plan, Plan.

13 Nov

I am a HUGE planner.  I plan my day, my weeks, my months, my years…sometimes years in advance.  I know all about planning and I know how VERY, very, VERY important planning is to those of us who love to plan.

So, being the huge planner that I am surely I had a birth plan…a very in-depth, personalized birth plan that I discussed with my obstetrician from the time of my first prenatal appointment?

Nope.  Not even close.

I had the no birth plan, plan.  Why?  Because if you ask any nurse with experience in the labor & delivery field they will tell you…a strict and well-thought birth plan {even better, one that involves a completely natural labor} equals a c-section.  Yep, when an L&D nurse gets handed that stack of paper upon admission, she  usually anticipates a trip to the operating room.  I’m not even joking.

My unwritten “birth plan” that I discussed with my doctor was to do whatever it took to deliver my child safely and healthily.  I didn’t even come to a decision about anesthesia until I was in the throes of labor on delivery day with my first child.

My verbal  birth plan with my second child included safely delivering a healthy child and hopefully bypassing some delivery damage including the postpartum hemorrhage that shook me to my core following the birth of my first child.

As my husband and I walked out the door of our home sometime after 1am on our way to the hospital to meet our little boy, I verbalized my final  birth plan wish in response to my mother-in-law’s comments that maybe my delivery would go quickly since this was my second child.  My response was “hopefully not too fast…I WANT my epidural!”

Somethings are meant to be, somethings are not.

To be continued…{click here for part two}


2 Responses to “The No-plan, Plan.”

  1. Karen November 18, 2010 at 12:07 pm #

    I have to totally agree with you on this one! Working in the NICU we see a lot of this as well. If we hear of anyone out on the floor with a birth plan we as well anticipate a section which we have to attend as well or sad to say the baby ending up sick and coming to us. Very rarely do birth plans go as planned.By the way love reading all your posts!!

    • rn2mommy November 18, 2010 at 12:43 pm #

      It is sooo true and sooo disappointing for the parents. I have seen dad’s escorted out by security over a birth plan going wrong!

      Thanks for reading, Karen! I love seeing your fb posts…takes me back to when I was working full-time nights in the NICU 🙂

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