Happy Thanksgiving!!

24 Nov

We have been busy making Thanksgiving crafts today.  I remember making handprint turkeys when I was little, but I actually think footprint turkeys turn out cuter and are sooOOoo  much easier to do with infants since it’s difficult to keep their hands open.  I originally planned to host a playdate to make these cute little turkeys, but my kids were sick and the playdate never got rescheduled.  It would have been fun to have had feathers flying, markers rolling, and googly eyes stuck all around my house.  Oh well, maybe next year!

We have so much to be thankful for this year and every year.  From things that are sometimes easy to take for granted like food and clean water to the more serious things like our health, I feel very blessed.  And, the greatest blessing of all…my family {of course}.

Tonight as I was tucking my daughter into bed we started discussing the meaning of Thanksgiving.  When I mentioned that some children don’t have enough food, have winter clothes, or even have toys to play with Olive said in a very concerned and serious voice, “what can we do?”…..”If kids need toys they can call us!”.  She is such a gem…only 3 years old and somehow she seems to have such a deep understanding of situations and others’ feelings.

I’m looking forward to shopping for a family in need with my little ones.  I hope that they will learn that giving is so much more fulfilling than receiving.  Happy start of the holiday season…this is truly “the most wonderful time of the year.”


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