28 Dec

With Christmas comes tradition.  Our family has a few, but I hope to develop more over the years to come.  One of our family traditions that is completely unoriginal, used by many, but still fun is opening pajamas on Christmas Eve.  My husband and I started doing this even before we had children to share in the fun.  Back in those days, I picked out both of our pairs of jammies and we donned them Christmas morning.  Last year my husband and daughter took over purchasing my Christmas Eve pajamas and the results have been comical.  Last year I had a one-piece number that wasn’t so flattering on my postpartum figure.  And this year, I opened full-out footy pajamas…hot pink with dog faces for feet.  Part of my push to have Christmas pajamas started from my desire to have cute Christmas pictures from the morning of.  I now fear my children are going to look back at our Christmas pictures one day and by the looks of their mother’s Christmas attire determine that their mom was a huge dork!!  I’m hoping that by next Christmas I can join the rest of the family in wearing cute, fashionable, and COMFORTABLE jammies on Christmas morning!

Why the emphasis on comfortable?  If any other adult has ever considered wearing full-body footy pajamas, this is my review…

1.  Comfort: C+

I am no giant, I’m only about 5’7″,  but I still would have found a few extra inches in pajama lenght to be beneficial so I could have stretched my arms above my head without the pajamas riding up {you know where}.  Or a couple of extra inches, so I could sit down without feeling like I was being strangled.  At least I learned for my children’s benefit to no longer squeeze them into their footy pajamas…a little extra length in those things is desirable!

2. Warmth: A+

Fleece full-body jammies bring the warmth for sure!  So much that I didn’t need to use that extra blanket that I keep on the end of the bed during the night.

3.  Convenience: C+

I loathe having to get completely undressed just to use the restroom.  And, although it’s nice not to have to mess with socks or slippers when walking around our cold tile floors, I found it a little weird to get into bed with my “slippers” on {since they were attached to my clothes}.  I normally prefer not to have “shoes” in the bed.

4. Appearance: B-

I’m sure the pajamas would have been a lot cuter if I was a teenager and not a mother of two who has lived over three decades.  Did I mention there were pockets over the hip/thigh region?  Extra material in that area is always a negative in my book.


Nonetheless, My daughter’s smile when she saw me wearing this get-up on our Christmas morning made it all worthwhile.  I can see Mama’s silly Christmas pajamas becoming a tradition all of its own!


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