New Year…new way.

9 Jan

Happy New Year everyone!  Better late than never, right?

One of my new year’s resolutions has me spending A LOT less time on the computer and therefore, less time blogging too.  To be very specific…I’m only allowing myself 30 minutes once my children are in bed to catch up on facebook {I’m extremely addicted,} read the blogs I follow, and return emails.  Of course I have to allow more time for things like blogging or working on my online photo books {I ♥ Shutterfly!}, but I am only doing those things when I have set aside time for them…hopefully after I have a chance to workout AND the mountains of laundry are folded.  I absolutely love the internet and the ability to look up every little piece of knowledge that I could ever dream of in seconds, but the quick stops I was making at the computer throughout the day were adding up and I knew they were sucking a lot of precious time out of my day.

A sorority sister of mine {yes, I was a sorority girl…funny I haven’t mentioned that sooner, right?}  writes a blog that I have been reading since its inception.  This week, Hollywood Housewife blogged about Life In Increments.  I was amazed at how much it applied to my life as of January 1, 2011.  Even though I haven’t been setting a timer for every task I need or want to do, I have made myself more aware of time I am spending on certain tasks and limiting the things that are not important or productive.  I know it all sounds so simple and so common sense…I even wonder why I wasn’t doing this before!

The thing that I couldn’t agree more with Hollywood Housewife was when she discussed what she called “face time” with her child…time that strictly belongs to her and her daughter…no multi-tasking.  I spend 27 out of 28 days a month {I am at work for that missing 24 hours} with my children.  We are always together…cleaning house, running errands, eating meals, going to playdates…and doing the occasional kid craft.  There is no nanny, no pre-school, no Mother’s Day Out….it’s all me {and my husband once his workday ends, of course}.  I didn’t think there was any way for me to spend more time with my children, know them better, or love them more.  I was wrong.  The more quality time I spend focusing solely on my two, the more in love I fall.  It makes me sad and disappointed in myself to think of the time I have already lost playing, talking, reading, and even holding my children while I did other menial and non-productive things…especially surfing the internet.  2011 means that if this Mama needs a little break it’s going to be in the rocking chair snuggling with my little guy or taking a “nap” on my daughter’s bedroom floor while she does “makeovers” on my hair.

So far my “less computer” resolution has evolved into a “life in increments” resolution and has been just as great for me as it has been for my little family.  I plan to make this a resolution that becomes habit {unlike my eat healthy and get in shape resolution…ha!}.


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