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31 May

My little ones and I are safely home from a week-long stay at an American paradise that just so happened to be featured in this month’s Disney Family Fun Magazine.

There was lots of fun in the sun…

and shade…

Bicycle rides {although, not really in the sand}…

Some people watching…

breathtaking sunsets…

and shells galore!!

We miss you, Captiva!



4 Apr

The child-safety isle exists because of boys like this…

Oh…and so do plungers.

Happy Heart Day.

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope everyone showered their loved ones with heart-shaped food today.

I sure did!

My daughter was delighted by her heart-shaped pancake and egg this morning.

{I’m afraid I may be expected to prepare fun-shaped food from now on}

My husband *said* he felt very special today.

I love him even more because he endures my cheesiness.

Captivity:day 2 (aka: another snow day)

3 Feb

Sometimes I love days where I have absolutely nowhere to go {I wish I could also say nothing to do, but that never happens}, but the same relaxing feeling doesn’t exist when I have no choice but to stay home…for multiple days in a row nonetheless.

This is what snow day #2 looked like at my house…

Clubhouse/tent/castle/playhouse time.  Any adult who was ever a child knows how to build one of these…drag out the dining room chairs and blankets! We even got out my daughter’s girly little tent to serve as an extra “room” and turned on a movie.  This entertained my children almost ALL morning while I enjoyed listening to their giggles and the soundtrack to Disney’s The Princess and the Frog {seriously the best Disney music EVER!}

When my son went down for his nap, my daughter and I braved the freezing temperatures for some short-lived fun in the snow.  This seems like such an obvious thing to do on a snow day, but it was too cold outside to enjoy even with a million layers of clothes and outerwear on.  We came in and my daughter warmed up with a glass of children’s hot chocolate {warm Ovaltine}.

And, last but not least, after seeing multiple posts by my facebook friends, we joined in and made Snow Ice Cream.  This was not only a first for my children, but a first for me too.  Yes, I ate snow as a child…I also got sick from eating snow as a child, so I made this against my best judgement.  Everyone in my family had a taste and thankfully none of us got sick!

This day also included some other memorable firsts…my daughter’s first taste of fresh snow and thanks to his big sister, my son’s first time to wear a tutu {a pink one to be exact}.  My husband has requested I not share the pictures of this event.  We prefer to reserve it until his teenage years when he is deserving of the embarrassment.

Please refer to Snow Day #1, paragraph 5 for a detailed explanation of the remaining hours of the day.  It felt like Groundhog Day…oh wait, it really was Groundhog Day!!  How crazy is that?!?!

The fan.

12 Jan

Children are THE greatest blessing.  I can’t think of anything more amazing.  They are truly God’s greatest gift.

– – – – –

We had only lived back home in our “new” state a few weeks when we were visiting my in-laws at their home that was now just a short drive from our house.  My daughter was about 9 months old.  She was a chubby little ball of smiles and excitement and she was very attached to her mama.  I followed my husband into the office to join his parents in front of the computer {for what, I cannot remember} while lifting my daughter over my head.  She smiled and squealed at me in delight…..THUD, THUD, THUD….I felt her body vibrate through my hands and she broke into tears.

I  had just lifted my daughter’s head into the moving ceiling fan.  Not even in the privacy of my own home, but in front of my husband AND both of his parents.  I’m pretty sure I had never felt like more of an idiot or made myself appear any more incapable of caring for a child than I did in that moment.  I was hot with embarrassment and tears filled my eyes as I cried with my child.

The good news was…no damage done.  No cuts, no bruises, no concussion….and no memory of the incident whatsoever!  Ceiling fans are not near as dangerous as they look!!  The bad news…My husband would not let it go.  If he made any little parenting faux pas it would always go back to….”well, at least I didn’t put her head in a fan!”  He always said it lightheartedly and only to tease me, but it always hurt my mommy pride just the same.

Fast forward two years and add an approximately 3 month-old son into our family picture.  Imagine my husband excitedly getting our son out of his crib post-nap. Now imagine my reaction when I heard a loud THUMP, THUMP followed by a distressing fuss {he’s a tough little guy} from my baby boy.  I peaked my head around the corner to see my husband sheepishly calming our son with the ceiling fan spinning above his crib.  No questions asked…I knew what happened and my husband’s face read like a book.

The good news….no damage done to our baby boy.  The bad news {for my husband, anyway}…my husband had blown his ammunition.  We were once again on an even playing field…and no word of the fan incidents have been mentioned  in our home ever since!

– – – – –

God’s second greatest gift??  It may just be a child’s lack of memory during those first few years of life {it gives us parents a chance to get it right!}.



28 Dec

With Christmas comes tradition.  Our family has a few, but I hope to develop more over the years to come.  One of our family traditions that is completely unoriginal, used by many, but still fun is opening pajamas on Christmas Eve.  My husband and I started doing this even before we had children to share in the fun.  Back in those days, I picked out both of our pairs of jammies and we donned them Christmas morning.  Last year my husband and daughter took over purchasing my Christmas Eve pajamas and the results have been comical.  Last year I had a one-piece number that wasn’t so flattering on my postpartum figure.  And this year, I opened full-out footy pajamas…hot pink with dog faces for feet.  Part of my push to have Christmas pajamas started from my desire to have cute Christmas pictures from the morning of.  I now fear my children are going to look back at our Christmas pictures one day and by the looks of their mother’s Christmas attire determine that their mom was a huge dork!!  I’m hoping that by next Christmas I can join the rest of the family in wearing cute, fashionable, and COMFORTABLE jammies on Christmas morning!

Why the emphasis on comfortable?  If any other adult has ever considered wearing full-body footy pajamas, this is my review…

1.  Comfort: C+

I am no giant, I’m only about 5’7″,  but I still would have found a few extra inches in pajama lenght to be beneficial so I could have stretched my arms above my head without the pajamas riding up {you know where}.  Or a couple of extra inches, so I could sit down without feeling like I was being strangled.  At least I learned for my children’s benefit to no longer squeeze them into their footy pajamas…a little extra length in those things is desirable!

2. Warmth: A+

Fleece full-body jammies bring the warmth for sure!  So much that I didn’t need to use that extra blanket that I keep on the end of the bed during the night.

3.  Convenience: C+

I loathe having to get completely undressed just to use the restroom.  And, although it’s nice not to have to mess with socks or slippers when walking around our cold tile floors, I found it a little weird to get into bed with my “slippers” on {since they were attached to my clothes}.  I normally prefer not to have “shoes” in the bed.

4. Appearance: B-

I’m sure the pajamas would have been a lot cuter if I was a teenager and not a mother of two who has lived over three decades.  Did I mention there were pockets over the hip/thigh region?  Extra material in that area is always a negative in my book.


Nonetheless, My daughter’s smile when she saw me wearing this get-up on our Christmas morning made it all worthwhile.  I can see Mama’s silly Christmas pajamas becoming a tradition all of its own!

Another Holiday…another craft!

18 Dec

I have been so busy lately…just living life…trying to read, trying to squeeze in an occasional workout, playing with my little ones…it has been hard to find any extra time to blog.  That’s okay though…blogging is something I enjoy doing for myself and everything that has taken its place is for me too…so, it all evens out.

This may be shocking, but last year {and the year before} I did a Christmas craft with my little ones.  I’ll spare you all another painted footprint craft, {although I do have one of those for Christmas as well!} and move on to the traditional handprint/footprint imprint ornaments!  

You can find the recipe here.  These ornaments are made out of ingredients that everyone always has in their home, so it’s nice to not have to plan ahead…this can be a spur of the moment type of craft.  { A little nursing note: If you want to save a few pennies you can use un-iodized salt for this recipe, but the salt that you consume on a regular basis should be iodized…for thyroid health!}

I followed the recipe instructions, but instead of poking a hole in the dough {so it can be hung as an ornament} I cut a paper-clip in half and pressed into the back of the the dough before baking.  After the ornaments were done baking and cooling, I painted them white {the dough itself dries a light tan color), then painted the actual imprints and used a spray shellac to seal the entire piece after all the paint was dry.  My favorite ornament turned out to be the one I made with an extra piece of dough and squeezed both of my babies’ footprints on together.  I kept one set of ornaments for my family, and the others I gave away as Christmas presents to Grandparents.

This is what my daughter was up to while I was busy making Christmas gifts…

Same recipe… I just helped my daughter use cookie cutters for the shapes and handed over the paint, sprinkles, and glitter.  After they were dry, I used a spray shellac to seal these as well.