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It’s the Dad Life…

17 Jun

Happy Friday friends!!  I’m going to be spending the entire weekend working while my sweet husband manages our kiddos…what better way for him to celebrate Father’s Day??  No relaxing, just enjoying every moment with the two little people that made him a father!!    Haha!

I saw this video for the first time last year around Father’s Day.  It is probably the most hilarious thing I have ever watched.  I don’t laugh-out-loud too easily, so that is really saying something…

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads {who don’t read this blog} out there!  And, especially to my wonderful husband!


He is Risen!

24 Apr

Our Easter looked like this…

My baby boy’s first Easter egg hunt on Good Friday.  Big sister is already a pro egg-finder.  On a side note: My husband is not a fan of my daughter’s fuchsia dress {seen below}, but I loved it…I could spot her in a second while she ran through the kid-filled park.

I baked and decorated {have I mentioned how much I despise decorating?} our family’s traditional lamb cake…something that has been done every Easter since I was a child.   I have already made plans with my mom for Easter 2012…that SHE will be here to make that cake {NOT only me}!

My husband and daughter had a traditional Easter-Sunday church experience…having to listen to the service from outside the church since it was packed inside {I stayed home with my sick baby boy}.  And then it was off to Nana’s house for brunch and to hunt eggs {again}…

I hope everyone enjoyed their time with their family and friends as much as we did.  We are truly BLESSED!!

Snow day 3…The Great Escape.

4 Feb

Thursday was our third and final snow day.  I broke my previously mentioned New Year’s resolution and booted up my laptop because I was out of ideas to entertain the children and myself. I had several seemingly great ideas lined up after just a few minutes of searching “snow day crafts for kids.”

We started with coffee filter snowflakes.  My daughter has been banned from using scissors since the incident I mentioned a few months ago, but she was excited about the project and promised not to touch her OR her brother’s hair.  I had just bought a new package of the wrong-sized coffee filters, so I started out feeling really great about this project.  Unfortunately my snowflake idea stemmed from an online source that suggested decorating them with glue and glitter.  We didn’t have any glitter in the house {probably because I despise it}, so we used sprinkles.  The mess was outstanding. I will never attempt this project in my house again!

The second project on my list was “crayon cupcakes.”  They took our crayon box from looking like this…

To this…

And, finally this…

I thought my daughter would love this project and from what I have seen her do to crayons in the past, I was convinced she was a skilled crayon-paper remover.  As it turns out, neither of us had the patience and I quickly found myself searching online once again to find an easier way to peel the crayons.  Soaking them in warm water was the trick {where was my common sense?}.  After our crayon cupcakes cooled, the complaints starting rolling in…Who would have thought blunt edges would make coloring within the lines so difficult!!  To top off my disappointment, the wax leaked through the muffin cups and into my muffin tins.  Another mess to clean up and another fail in the project department for the day!

I was going to bring our final snow day to a close in the kitchen stirring up some homemade finger paint {why?  I don’t know.  I must enjoy making my life difficult}, but my husband rescued me from my child care duties an hour early.  So instead, I sat at our hand-print smudged backdoor with my favorite little guy and watched my favorite big guy, little girl, and our clubhouse dog play outside in the freezing cold.  

Later that night after my kids were in bed, I joined some of my neighborhood mommies for dinner and drinks.  House arrest was officially over!

The fan.

12 Jan

Children are THE greatest blessing.  I can’t think of anything more amazing.  They are truly God’s greatest gift.

– – – – –

We had only lived back home in our “new” state a few weeks when we were visiting my in-laws at their home that was now just a short drive from our house.  My daughter was about 9 months old.  She was a chubby little ball of smiles and excitement and she was very attached to her mama.  I followed my husband into the office to join his parents in front of the computer {for what, I cannot remember} while lifting my daughter over my head.  She smiled and squealed at me in delight…..THUD, THUD, THUD….I felt her body vibrate through my hands and she broke into tears.

I  had just lifted my daughter’s head into the moving ceiling fan.  Not even in the privacy of my own home, but in front of my husband AND both of his parents.  I’m pretty sure I had never felt like more of an idiot or made myself appear any more incapable of caring for a child than I did in that moment.  I was hot with embarrassment and tears filled my eyes as I cried with my child.

The good news was…no damage done.  No cuts, no bruises, no concussion….and no memory of the incident whatsoever!  Ceiling fans are not near as dangerous as they look!!  The bad news…My husband would not let it go.  If he made any little parenting faux pas it would always go back to….”well, at least I didn’t put her head in a fan!”  He always said it lightheartedly and only to tease me, but it always hurt my mommy pride just the same.

Fast forward two years and add an approximately 3 month-old son into our family picture.  Imagine my husband excitedly getting our son out of his crib post-nap. Now imagine my reaction when I heard a loud THUMP, THUMP followed by a distressing fuss {he’s a tough little guy} from my baby boy.  I peaked my head around the corner to see my husband sheepishly calming our son with the ceiling fan spinning above his crib.  No questions asked…I knew what happened and my husband’s face read like a book.

The good news….no damage done to our baby boy.  The bad news {for my husband, anyway}…my husband had blown his ammunition.  We were once again on an even playing field…and no word of the fan incidents have been mentioned  in our home ever since!

– – – – –

God’s second greatest gift??  It may just be a child’s lack of memory during those first few years of life {it gives us parents a chance to get it right!}.



28 Sep

Siblings…are they not the greatest gift?  I have siblings, but I was basically raised an only child.  I would have loved to have a full-time sibling to share my childhood, make memories, and grow up with…back then and even now. Is there ever such thing as too many people to love {and who love you} in your life?  I don’t think so.

Bringing a new little person into your household when you already have a child can be daunting though.  It’s nothing like getting that new puppy that you hope is well accepted with your pre-existing pets.  There is no returning or exchanging of the “family member” that doesn’t get along.  And, a very common question among mommies of multiple children is…”how did he/she do with the new baby’s arrival?”  And, it is not uncommon for mommies to  share their challenges and triumphs of expanding their family.

With every new addition to your family, there is money to be spent…preparing for a new baby to arrive on the scene is expensive and almost doubly expensive when you find yourself gifting your first born to reassure them they are still special.  But, there are some things money can’t buy…like bragging to your baby {100% credit to my amazing husband!}.

I talked to my daughter all the time when she was a newborn.  I doted on her practically all day…telling her how much I loved her, how beautiful she was, explaining every little thing we did {even when she probably didn’t understand}.  When I had my son I tried to be chatty with him too, but as my daughter watched and quietly listened to every word, I felt like I was cheating on her with him!  I felt so guilty that I became mute until my husband reminded me that AJ wouldn’t understand if I was talking about Olive to him…I just needed to talk to him!  So, I started to brag.  I bragged about the best big sister in the entire world right in front of her.  It reminded me of the days in college I spent taking psychology classes…how people often meet the expectations others have for them or become the person others believe they are {I even use this technique on new moms that I am discharging from the hospital.  I always say “You are going to be a wonderful mom!” even if she appears to be the opposite.  It is my way of saying, “I believe in you…now get out of here and go do what is right!!”}.  Olive has surpassed every bit of bragging I did about her…she loves, she shares, she plays, she cares… but the bragging couldn’t have hurt, right?!

Seven years ago…

6 Sep

I walked down the aisle, recited vows, said “I do” and bid adieu to my maiden name.  I walked hand-in-hand out the Cathedral doors with the man I planned to spend the rest of my life with, the future father of my children, and as cliché as it sounds…my best friend.






Today is the anniversary of my Happily Ever After.

Future plumber??

1 Sep

I’m don’t enjoy an emotional roller-coaster.  I’m romantic-comedy girl all the way.  I know that life is full of good and bad, happy and sad…I choose to focus on the good times.  But, I’m all about prevention, so sometimes talking about the dark side equals fewer sad times.

I spent a short semester in nursing school on the infant unit at a children’s hospital.  I declined every opportunity to go to the cancer floor because I didn’t think I could handle the emotions of it all…I didn’t even want to try.  I thought I was safe with the babies, but in reality, I hadn’t dodged any bullets.  The infant floor was not just infants, there were toddlers and young children as well.  There were acute and chronic diseases, cases of abuse and neglect, and there were accidents… a precious two-year old girl who had fallen head-first into a cooler and drowned while her grandparents were babysitting her.  Because babies and toddlers are top-heavy {because their heads are large in comparison to their bodies} and they lack great strength and coordination it is easy for them to fall head-first into many things, making an accident like this one, not so uncommon.  It wasn’t always a cooler with a few inches of melted ice…sometimes it was a mop bucket, sometimes a bathtub…whatever the case, they were all horrible and preventable accidents.

My little guy is becoming more mobile and capable every day.  I’ve talked about his passion for the dog-water bowl {I now remove it from ground-level every morning when AJ gets up} and now I must too confess that he is obsessed with toilets.  Yes, TOILETS!!

Last week while my husband was at work, I was in my daughter’s room combing her hair when I heard the toilet flush in the nearby bathroom.  AJ had climbed on his sister’s bench and flushed the toilet on his own…I was impressed and snapped a picture for proof, but it scared me…and that was only the beginning.

My husband embarrassingly reported to me when I got home from work last weekend that AJ had grabbed a wad of used toilet paper from the toilet as my daughter got off the potty and……he WAS going to put it in his mouth!

It may sound a little funny {because this little boy makes my husband and I look like parenting amateurs}, but not only is playing in the toilet disgusting, it is also very dangerous.  Toilets can be just as threatening for a baby as any other {even small} pool of water.  For now, we are diligently closing all the toilet lids and reminding our 3 year-old to do the same {and flush immediately!}.  I see toilet locks in our future!  BOYS!!!