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33 Drafts.

14 Apr

Yep.  I have 33 draft posts that I need to complete and publish.  Procrastinate much?  Actually, not really.  I just get busy…then get bored with the topic I started…and move on to something else entirely.

I got tagged by another mommy blogger this week, {I’m closely examining her life in case I ever convince both myself and my husband to have a third baby} and decided answering her questions sounded like a fun way to break away from my accidental series on child-safety.  So, here is a little more about me…

Places I Go:

1. Neighborhood coffee group

2.  Gymnastics- for my daughter, not me {although wouldn’t that me funny if it was for me?}

3.  Playdates in various locations

4.  Grocery shopping {Costco & Walmart}

Favorite Smells:

1.  Babies

2.  Rain

3. Nestle Tollhouse Cafe {always smells like fresh-baked cookies}

4. Christmas {that makes sense, right?}

TV Shows:

1.  ModernFamily

2.  Dancing With the Stars {although this season is disappointing me}

3.  Grey’s Anatomy/Desperate Housewives {aren’t these two the same?  No?  Oh!…I choose Grey’s when I am up for crying and Deperates when I want something easy}.

4.  Weeds {because Nancy Botwin makes me feel like the!}


1. Grease

2. Dirty Dancing

3. 50 First Dates

4. Elf


1.  Love

2.  Forgive {yourself and others}

3.  Take nothing for granted

4.  Exercise

Favorite Things To Do:

1. Play in the sun on a beautiful warm day

2.  Nap

3.  Sip wine with my husband on our balcony

4.  Have quiet time {rare, but cherished!}


1. Exhaustion

2. Illness

3. Seeing my children {or anyone really} feel sad/hurt

4. Lies

Friends To Tag:  (This means you answer these same questions on your blog!)

I have little idea who reads my blog {and am surprised in general by the people who do}. So, if you are on my blogroll, I am reading your blog, so consider yourself tagged and start sharing!

I’ll close with this recent picture from my home…it makes me smile and I hope it does the same for you!


Snow day 3…The Great Escape.

4 Feb

Thursday was our third and final snow day.  I broke my previously mentioned New Year’s resolution and booted up my laptop because I was out of ideas to entertain the children and myself. I had several seemingly great ideas lined up after just a few minutes of searching “snow day crafts for kids.”

We started with coffee filter snowflakes.  My daughter has been banned from using scissors since the incident I mentioned a few months ago, but she was excited about the project and promised not to touch her OR her brother’s hair.  I had just bought a new package of the wrong-sized coffee filters, so I started out feeling really great about this project.  Unfortunately my snowflake idea stemmed from an online source that suggested decorating them with glue and glitter.  We didn’t have any glitter in the house {probably because I despise it}, so we used sprinkles.  The mess was outstanding. I will never attempt this project in my house again!

The second project on my list was “crayon cupcakes.”  They took our crayon box from looking like this…

To this…

And, finally this…

I thought my daughter would love this project and from what I have seen her do to crayons in the past, I was convinced she was a skilled crayon-paper remover.  As it turns out, neither of us had the patience and I quickly found myself searching online once again to find an easier way to peel the crayons.  Soaking them in warm water was the trick {where was my common sense?}.  After our crayon cupcakes cooled, the complaints starting rolling in…Who would have thought blunt edges would make coloring within the lines so difficult!!  To top off my disappointment, the wax leaked through the muffin cups and into my muffin tins.  Another mess to clean up and another fail in the project department for the day!

I was going to bring our final snow day to a close in the kitchen stirring up some homemade finger paint {why?  I don’t know.  I must enjoy making my life difficult}, but my husband rescued me from my child care duties an hour early.  So instead, I sat at our hand-print smudged backdoor with my favorite little guy and watched my favorite big guy, little girl, and our clubhouse dog play outside in the freezing cold.  

Later that night after my kids were in bed, I joined some of my neighborhood mommies for dinner and drinks.  House arrest was officially over!

Oh, Christmas Tree!

5 Dec

I was so excited as my daughter’s second Christmas approached.  She was 17 months old and although she didn’t really understand Christmas, she was excited about all that was going on around the house.  We chose a safe spot in our home to display our tree and ripped open all of the lights and ornaments.  My daughter soon found a “ball” and immediately threw it down on the floor…it didn’t bounce as she expected…it shattered into a million pieces.  One of her “Baby’s 1st Christmas”, mommy’s favorites, hand-painted {not by me}, thought I would cherish for forever ornaments was history.  I screamed…Olive cried…I cried.  It was horrible.  The rest of that Christmas-season went off without a hitch.  Olive spent her afternoons sitting, snacking, and reading on the presents under our tree…those images are a few of my husband’s and I’s favorite memories.

Now fully-knowing my attachment to certain Christmas ornaments I decided to leave every one of my pretty glass ornaments in their bubble wrap, packed away in their special Christmas-colored storage box.  Last year a few of my favorites perished again on the tile floors of our new home.  I knew there would only be more casualties this year with a newly walking and very curious toddler BOY in the house!

I have heard of people putting their trees on tables or only decorating the upper-half of their tree.  I couldn’t do it.  Having a pretty, and might I add, REAL Christmas tree is just part of the Christmas season for us.  So, I hit up the $1 isle at Target and spent $8 on 50+ sparkly, non-glass, unbreakable bulbs.  My kiddos and I dug out all of the tin, wood, and material ornaments we already had and we decorated the tree together.  The only thing that would have made it more of a perfect Christmas memory was Christmas music playing in the background…instead it was my daughter’s choice-another Disney princess movie.

Maybe keepsake ornaments will visit our tree again next year.  Beauty isn’t everything!  Peace of mind while my kids {and cat} enjoy their Christmas tree is!

Who’s the boss?

25 Oct

This is our Chihuahua keeping our Dobie at bay while she munches on his bone under the couch.  5 lbs. vs. 95 lbs…

Funny how the littlest dogs and littlest people rule the house…at our house anyway.

Meet the crew…

26 Aug

The clean-up crew!

This picture was taken a few years ago, so there are quite a few more white hairs these days…life with children is hard {believe me, they are not the only ones who have aged}!

These pups were my babies before I had babies…my first children.  They taught me so much about responsibility for another living thing.  From them I have learned about forgiveness and unconditional love…they have THE biggest hearts…they are THE best dogs {and only sometimes the very worst!}.

Children and pets are such a wonderful combination.  There may be more responsibility and more mouths to feed, but they pay their dues…I rarely clean a crumb or spill off the floor.