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24 Mar

I’ve been really, really behind on blogging lately.  I’m still living my life as a mom…busy reading kiddo-related stuff and children’s books.  Here are a few articles that I have found important as of late.

Looking Back

My son is 16 months old now, well over 20 lbs and still facing backwards in his car seat.  Why?  Because I love to hear him scream while I drive and have no clue what he is doing?  Because it brings me great joy to see his little legs scrunched against the backseat when I buckle him in?  I don’t know how we’re going to make it to the minimum of 2 years-old, but that is what the American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending these days.  No, it’s not new news, but it’s a hot topic of conversation these days among moms of young children.  I will abide in the best interest of my child’s head, neck, and spinal column…legs are just a little less important.

Car seat No-Nos

Way back in the month of June, I tried to share some of my car seat education {I trained with the firemen back in 2005!} to discuss some common safety mistakes that parents make when securing their kids in their car seats.  This article does a better job as it quickly flashes through 11 of the most common mistakes.  I am non-compliant on #6: Tethers.  Shame on me.  If our vehicle was equipped for tether use, I would start using them today.

What Not to Eat

This link does not apply to me, but is for all my preggo friends out there.  I always assume other people know what is considered safe and  NOT safe to eat while pregnant, and then I watch some preggo down a pack of licorice and am greatly disappointed.  Just kidding…I had no idea licorice was on the list of forbidden foods.  Thank goodness that is not a flavor I craved during pregnancy {or anytime really}.

The Sleepless Toddler

This last link was actually forwarded to me by my husband.  We have been having a tiny issue with our youngest not wanting to sleep.  AGAIN!  The first year of his life it was probably my fault that he was a poor sleeper.  I don’t like to let my children cry it out.  Especially for the first 6 months of life when babies haven’t even developed object permanence {knowing that something still exists even when they can’t see it}.  I didn’t want MY child to feel abandoned.   So here we are again…exhausted.  It’s nice to know that we {the parents} haven’t messed up this time.  We’ll just call it a developmental milestone…although this one won’t be going down in the baby book!


The No-plan, Plan.

13 Nov

I am a HUGE planner.  I plan my day, my weeks, my months, my years…sometimes years in advance.  I know all about planning and I know how VERY, very, VERY important planning is to those of us who love to plan.

So, being the huge planner that I am surely I had a birth plan…a very in-depth, personalized birth plan that I discussed with my obstetrician from the time of my first prenatal appointment?

Nope.  Not even close.

I had the no birth plan, plan.  Why?  Because if you ask any nurse with experience in the labor & delivery field they will tell you…a strict and well-thought birth plan {even better, one that involves a completely natural labor} equals a c-section.  Yep, when an L&D nurse gets handed that stack of paper upon admission, she  usually anticipates a trip to the operating room.  I’m not even joking.

My unwritten “birth plan” that I discussed with my doctor was to do whatever it took to deliver my child safely and healthily.  I didn’t even come to a decision about anesthesia until I was in the throes of labor on delivery day with my first child.

My verbal  birth plan with my second child included safely delivering a healthy child and hopefully bypassing some delivery damage including the postpartum hemorrhage that shook me to my core following the birth of my first child.

As my husband and I walked out the door of our home sometime after 1am on our way to the hospital to meet our little boy, I verbalized my final  birth plan wish in response to my mother-in-law’s comments that maybe my delivery would go quickly since this was my second child.  My response was “hopefully not too fast…I WANT my epidural!”

Somethings are meant to be, somethings are not.

To be continued…{click here for part two}

Who do you call??

18 Jun


Meet my sweet husband.

Why is he stuck on the stairs with that big {heavy-looking} box?

Why is someone taking his picture instead of  helping him?

Well, I’ll tell you… It was Spring 2007 and I was pregnant {on activity and weight-lifting restrictions, as well}.  That big box held my first-born’s changing table/dresser.  My baby girl’s room was upstairs and that box HAD to get upstairs as soon as it arrived at our house or… well, I just wasn’t going to be very happy.  I was pregnant and desperately needed to nest!

My husband’s best-friend was out-of-town for the weekend.  Our neighbors? Not home.  Family?  Hundreds of miles away.  Who did we call?  The pizza delivery man.

Yes, we ordered a pizza.  When the delivery guy pulled into the driveway my hubby hoisted the dresser on the steps and I swung the front-door open  to reveal my husband, alone on the stairs with that giant box.

Did my scheme work {I emphasize my, because my husband wanted nothing to do with this plan}??  Yes, it did!!   And I must say, it was a win-win-win situation!  My husband got his pizza {his all-time favorite}, my wish was obviously granted, and the pizza guy??  We tipped him very well {but, I’m sure the experience alone made his night…haha!}

So, who do WE call??  The pizza delivery man!

Talk about a baby boom…

8 Jun

I know about 3o people who are pregnant at this moment {who knows how many more are waiting to break the big news too}.  These blossoming mamas are scattered all over the U.S….mostly people I went to college with and some from a Mom’s group that I belong to.  But, thirty!!!…really??  Is there a true baby boom or is it just in my circle?

When I was pregnant with my first little monkey, {as I like to call both of my children} my wonderful friend Jenny {not McCarthy}, told me about a book I had to read and she loaned me her copy.  It was, Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth About Pregnancy & Childbirth by Jenny McCarthy.  This was a welcome distraction for me during my miserable bout with 24/7 nausea and vomiting {I can’t even bring myself to calling that “morning sickness”}.

I was never a huge Jenny McCarthy fan.  But, everything that I found unattractive about her in the past, I loved about her in this book.  She is so candid, animated, vulgar, uninhibited, honest, hilarious…I could go on and on and on.

Now, I am not proud to say this, but I am not a big reader.  Something must be really good or really important if I am going to read.  This was just really good.  I couldn’t put it down.  I read the book cover to cover in a couple of hours, laughing out loud, {and if you know me well, you know, I don’t laugh too easily} and even reading excerpts to my husband {he didn’t get it…it’s a book for pregnant gals, not squeamish baby-daddies}.

I’ll put it plain and simple:  this is a fun and easy read if you are comfortable with bathroom humor and bodily excretions/secretions.  However, it is not for the faint of heart.  Enjoy!!