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24 Mar

I’ve been really, really behind on blogging lately.  I’m still living my life as a mom…busy reading kiddo-related stuff and children’s books.  Here are a few articles that I have found important as of late.

Looking Back

My son is 16 months old now, well over 20 lbs and still facing backwards in his car seat.  Why?  Because I love to hear him scream while I drive and have no clue what he is doing?  Because it brings me great joy to see his little legs scrunched against the backseat when I buckle him in?  I don’t know how we’re going to make it to the minimum of 2 years-old, but that is what the American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending these days.  No, it’s not new news, but it’s a hot topic of conversation these days among moms of young children.  I will abide in the best interest of my child’s head, neck, and spinal column…legs are just a little less important.

Car seat No-Nos

Way back in the month of June, I tried to share some of my car seat education {I trained with the firemen back in 2005!} to discuss some common safety mistakes that parents make when securing their kids in their car seats.  This article does a better job as it quickly flashes through 11 of the most common mistakes.  I am non-compliant on #6: Tethers.  Shame on me.  If our vehicle was equipped for tether use, I would start using them today.

What Not to Eat

This link does not apply to me, but is for all my preggo friends out there.  I always assume other people know what is considered safe and  NOT safe to eat while pregnant, and then I watch some preggo down a pack of licorice and am greatly disappointed.  Just kidding…I had no idea licorice was on the list of forbidden foods.  Thank goodness that is not a flavor I craved during pregnancy {or anytime really}.

The Sleepless Toddler

This last link was actually forwarded to me by my husband.  We have been having a tiny issue with our youngest not wanting to sleep.  AGAIN!  The first year of his life it was probably my fault that he was a poor sleeper.  I don’t like to let my children cry it out.  Especially for the first 6 months of life when babies haven’t even developed object permanence {knowing that something still exists even when they can’t see it}.  I didn’t want MY child to feel abandoned.   So here we are again…exhausted.  It’s nice to know that we {the parents} haven’t messed up this time.  We’ll just call it a developmental milestone…although this one won’t be going down in the baby book!


Crib Safety…

21 Feb

Bedtime is the time of day when most parents feel relieved of their parental duties as they put their children down for a night of rest.  If you are like me and you put your baby in a crib to sleep at night, it may seem like the safest place they have been all day especially compared to speeding down the highway in the backseat of the car {safely secured in their car seats, of course!} or even exploring the stranger-filled {and germy} mall from their stroller.   But, it is amazing how many things there are to take into consideration just to lay your baby or young child down to sleep SAFELY.

My biggest bedtime concern with my children was and still is SIDS.  Even though both of my children have passed the identified danger zone {the first year of life}, I am still very cautious with both of them.  Interestingly enough, SIDS prevention is basically suffocation prevention…placing your baby on a firm and flat surface to sleep and removing all fluffy or soft objects like pillows and stuffed-toys from the sleeping surface.  It is recommended that infants are swaddled with their hands free {think: by their face} or even sleep sans blanket.  Mothers who experienced a healthy and especially drug-use-free and smoking-free pregnancy are less-likely to have a SIDS experience as are mothers who space their pregnancies at least one year apart.

There are a few more easy and very important things parents can do to decrease their infant’s chance of SIDS…#1: Placing your baby on his/her BACK to sleep!!, #2 creating a smoke-free environment.  #3 Pacifier use.  Those are all pretty simple, right?!?!  But even if they weren’t simple…you would do them for your child’s safety, right?!?!  If you want to test your SIDS knowledge, click here.

Last, but not least, ALL drop-side cribs have been outlawed due to the sickening number of suffocation deaths related to them.  So, if you have one, it’s time to go crib-shopping again or maybe make the move to the big-girl/big-boy bed.

This post and my last post are both tangents that I had to separate from another post I am in the process of creating {I guess I am very long-winded on the subject of safety!}.  So, stay tuned…hopefully my next post will be about cord safety…in and out of the crib!

A mother’s sleep-aid

15 Jul

When I was pregnant with my daughter my husband and I registered for the Sony Baby Call Monitor.  It had great range, perfect clarity, a rechargeable battery {that actually holds a great charge}, multiple channels, and an out-of-range signal…what more could a parent ask for??

Well, just a few weeks  into my daughter’s life, I found it almost impossible to get any rest.  I was SO worried about my daughter even though she was in a bassinet right by my bed.  I would hover over her just to watch for her next breath…and the next…and the next.  After watching a marathon of Miami Ink that seemed dedicated to memorial tattoos for people who lost a child to SIDS, I couldn’t take it anymore…I immediately sent my husband out for the Angelcare Movement & Sound Monitor.

Instant PEACE OF MIND!!  I should have just bought this monitor in the first place.  But, I didn’t want to be one of those moms…I wanted to be a relaxed and confident mom. That is just not me…and I accept that now.

This monitor is a little staticky {the newer models may not be} and it has given us a few false alarms {at least, I like to believe they are false-alarms}, but the pros of this monitor completely outweigh the cons.  It is so sensitive to movement that I can’t even leave the ceiling fan running in my son’s room {yes,you can adjust the sensitivity}.  It was a little overwhelming to set up the first time, but after that it is simple and easy.  We have used it in hotel cribs to pack-n-plays.

This is my FAVORITE {and if you know me well, you know that picking a favorite ANYTHING is hard for me to do!} baby product by far…anything that can help a new {and nervous} mom get some sleep is well worth it!